About Our Clinic

At Hearcare Hearing Center in Penfield, NY we are proud to provide personalized hearing healthcare while making sure every one of our patients is valued. We provide a variety of services that are aimed towards making your journey to better hearing health as smooth and easy as possible.

About Hearing Loss

Millions of Americans of all ages are aware of a gradual decline in hearing or speech understanding. Research has consistently revealed the link between hearing loss and negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects. These effects exceed beyond hearing alone. Individuals living with significant hearing loss can experience unclear and confusing communication, which causes a negative impact on their professional and personal lives. Living with hearing loss leads to the following problems. Hearing aids are not a ‘cure for hearing loss, but in most cases, they can help individuals hear more clearly and improve one’s quality of life whether they’re 5 or 95 years old. For many people hearing aids open up a whole new world. You see, many people living with hearing loss wait far too long to seek treatment and often have forgotten what it is like to have normal hearing.

Our Services

A diagnostic hearing evaluation is completed to determine middle ear functioning and the type and severity of hearing loss present. This is an objective way of determining if a hearing loss exists and if so the depth of the loss for a precision hearing aid fitting. We discuss the hearing evaluation test results and what it means in terms of your daily living. If a hearing loss exists, we discuss the long-term effects of this hearing loss if left untreated.

Many different hearing aid styles and technologies are available today and we’ll find solutions that best suit the needs of the user based on their hearing loss, lifestyle, any physical limitations, cognitive limitations and budget. The hearing aids are programmed while in the user’s ears and fit appropriately. The user is counseled on acclimation to sounds and realistic expectations and educated on the care, use and maintenance of their new hearing aid product.

Follow-up and good communication is essential in fine tuning the hearing aids to meet the unique needs of each individual and their lifestyle. Any appropriate therapy or rehabilitation goals are put into place and set into action. We also have a computer-based interactive listening program can be provided to improve on listening skills.

Hearcare Hearing Center in Penfield, NY is part of a network of healthcare providers, whose patient promise states: “We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of hearing healthcare and to guide each individual through their journey to better hearing.” 

Meet Our Providers

Neal Senglaub, HAD

With over 30 years of experience in the hearing health field, Neal is very happy to be a part of the Auburn branch of Hearing Health USA! Neal is excited to begin serving the hearing needs of the people in Auburn and its surrounding communities. Neal is passionate about leading people to better hearing and helping them communicate with their friends and family members. He prides himself on providing the highest level of patient care and successful outcomes.